Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Help Children and Mothers around the world that need Help (before birth)

Noah just turned 1 year old on April 26, 2011! If you’ve been following our blog and her life you know that getting to this point from 18 months ago was never a certainty. She’s had two major heart surgeries and some difficult periods, but has met each challenge with a strong and cheerful spirit. At this milestone we celebrate this momentous achievement that we could never have taken for granted a year ago. We praise God for His answers to countless prayers and thank each of you for your steadfast support.Cass and Alex

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On the occasion of Noah’s first birthday we have chosen to raise money to provide additional healthcare for women and girls who do not have the resources that we have had to care for Noah’s medical challenges. Thousands of young girls live on the streets of Nairobi, Kenya and are at high risk of unwanted pregnancy that can endanger the lives of both mother and child. Below is a link to a group that we know, respect, and have worked with personally. They operate a center that cares for homeless boys and girls in Nairobi, giving them hope, life skills, and medical care when necessary. A donation here will help provide some of these women additional health care for the pregnant women and young children.

Please consider blessing us and commemorating Noah’s first birthday by making a donation to “Made in the Streets” in Noah’s honor: . In addition to your donation please make a note to them via email that you would like the donation to be in honor of Noah’s birthday for the purpose of medical care for pregnant girls.

Thank you for your love and support!



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