Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Iceland is making Banks Panic but in the USA we need to do more than that!

America needs to make Banks panic and take over many bad banks for good

Citibank needs to be taken back and given to the people of the USA. Certain banks, like B of A need to be cut up and divided into local banks.

Hurray for Iceland! Read about them below in this OPEDNEWS article

Boooooooooo— to lack of progress in the USA–with loser types in House, senate, and White House playing lap dogs to wealthy financiers.

Kevin Stoda
alternative for US president in all primaries and straw polls of caucuses–Republican, Democrat, Green, Progressives, Peace Parties in 2012

Little Iceland is proving to be the little country to could. Although it has slipped out of the MSM, Iceland is front and center to the People of the Bank, who are quaking over this upstart nation of 300,000 defying their schemes to bankrupt Euroland, one country at a time. ‘Iceland Says No…The island nation may serve as an example for those who want capitalists to operate at their own risk. In a national referendum Saturday, Icelanders, for the second time, voted against a government proposal to pay the big losses of some of their bankers and their foreign customers, with 60% voting ‘No’ and 40% in favor. For those of us who welcome capitalists, but want them to operate at their own risk, this hopefully sets an example for the rest of Europe.’ — Wall Street Journal



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