Friday, March 11, 2011

The Republican Governor & Senators wear no Clothes–and this is not what Democracy in America demands

Dear Kevin,

Wednesday night, Wisconsin Republicans passed a bill to strip workers of their rights by stripping out any parts of the bill that spent money. That left only the language eliminating collective bargaining rights of state workers. This proves what we knew all along, that this wasn’t about money; it was about destroying workers’ rights.

As Mary Bell, WEAC President, said last night, “This is not what Democracy looks like!”

What Democracy looks like is thousands of people peacefully protesting across the state of Wisconsin for weeks. Democracy looks like millions of people across the country supporting the efforts of those in Wisconsin and other states where CEO backed Republicans are pushing anti-worker initiatives. Democracy looks like Wisconsin residents rising up to recall the Republican 8!

Will you stand with Wisconsin citizens in supporting their effort to recall the Republican 8? Sign our pledge now and tell Republicans that their atrocious acts will not stand.


Jim Scheibel, Chair

P.S. Will you forward this to a friend. Wisconsin workers, and workers across the country need all the support they can get.

Phone: (202) 736-5775

Website: 21st Century Democrats


Blogger Kevin Anthony Stoda said...

Kevin --

Last night, Wisconsin Senate Republicans rammed through union busting legislation that takes away the collective bargaining rights of public workers.

For Republicans to support this blatant assault on workers' rights is outrageous. But the fact that they passed it through a procedural loophole without Senate Democrats present is unconscionable.

We need an immediate, powerful response to let Congressional Republicans across the country know that we won't stand by as the rights of our friends and neighbors are snatched away.

Contribute $5 or more to our GOP Accountability Fund right now.

We've set a goal of raising $100,000 in the next 24 hours to show the media, pundits, and most especially the Republicans that grassroots Democrats won't stand for this Republican power grab.

I'm sure you've also been inspired by the teachers, firefighters, and policemen marching in the streets for their rights to organize. The "Wisconsin 14" Democratic Senators' steadfast refusal to sell out working families reminds us all what it means to be a Democrat.

Now, let's show Republicans in Congress that we stand with Wisconsin families and against the radical Republican agenda from Madison to Washington, DC.

Contribute $5 or more to our GOP Accountability Fund right now.

Let's make last night's vote the biggest mistake that Republicans ever made.

Steve Israel
DCCC Chairman

8:20 AM  

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