Thursday, November 11, 2010


Once again it is clear that progressives have trouble making their voices heard in the din of media madness and manipulation. I was listening to Michael Moore speaking about this in Democracy Now last week. Moore noted that the website Wikileaks in late October had released its windfall of documents on a Friday afternoon—a technique typically used by leaders to bury their stories, i.e. rather than promote them. In short, progressive forces often cut their own throats—as Obama did in his first two years of office by bending over backwards to please or to pander to bad banks, bad corporations, bad lobbyists, bad insurance firms, and bad Republican minority leadership.

Now, a full 7 days after the election, I see that the 21st Century Democrats finally get the message—but belatedly.

Keep the Message short and to the point! (They also need to repeat the message adnauseum.) Actions will then speak louder than words.—KAS

Dear Kevin,

Republicans and the Tea Party have taken control of Congress. Right now they are preparing to roll back the incredible progress we’ve made.

This past Congress was one of the most productive in all of our history. They passed historic health care and financial reform, rewrote the student lending process and extended unemployment benefits to American families in need. Now we face Republicans trying to roll back our accomplishments.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the reason that so much important work was done in this Congress. Her leadership was vital to passing these important bills. She stood by her progressive values and worked to get things done and she will continue to fight hard for American families.

We need to show Nancy Pelosi that we’ve got her back as she continues to fight for progressive values. We need a leader who won’t back down when challenged by Republicans and will fight unrelentingly to protect the historic progress we’ve made. Sign our petition and let Speaker Pelosi know that you’ve got her back as she keeps fighting for us.

Sign Today


Jim Scheibel, Chair



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