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By Kevin Stoda, alumni

I received the following blurb from one of my alma mater’s this morning, i.e. Bethel College. It focuses mostly on the really better colleges—especially better undergraduate schools—in America.


Bethel College has been recognized by another national magazine.

With the start of a new school year come the listings of U.S. colleges and universities noteworthy in a variety of categories. The September-October 2010 issue of “Mother Jones” magazine included the “MoJo Mini College Guide -- Our annual (and completely unscientific) guide to schools that combine great values with good value.”

Among the eight schools listed from across the country was Bethel, cited as a “Best value for: Students who want to give peace a chance.” Bethel earned the honor thanks to the Kansas Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (KIPCOR), where undergraduates can earn a certificate in conflict mediation in addition to their diploma.

KIPCOR, which is celebrating its 25th year, was the first regional peace institute in the Midwest and is one of the oldest in the country. In addition to its undergraduate curriculum, KIPCOR offers extensive resources, in terms of both training and direct staff assistance, for conflict mediation -- whether the conflict involves two people, a church or school group or a government agency.

“This listing in ‘Mother Jones’ is special,” said President Perry White, “as it recognizes one of the cornerstone characteristics of Bethel College -- our commitment to our traditional institutional values of discipleship, scholarship, service and integrity. We are proud of our heritage and appreciative of this recognition.”

To see the complete “Mother Jones” college guide, go to

Here is info on KIPCOR.
Kansas Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution
• Register now for KIPCOR's trainings and workshops.
o “Very hands on! A training with skills that can be used every day.”
• Great Plains Consensus Council article on recent work in eastern Kansas.

The Kansas Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (KIPCOR) functions as an institute within Bethel College and is dedicated to promoting peace and social justice, resolving human conflict — both locally and globally — while always striving to link the theory of what we ought to do with the practice of getting it done. KIPCOR was founded in 1985 and is one of the oldest regional peace institutes in the United States. The Institute offers an array of resources for education in conflict resolution and peacebuilding, as well as an extensive networking system for consulting and intervention.
Conflict Resolution Certificate holder featured on National Public Radio's Speaking of Faith
• 2003 Bethel College graduate Aziza Hasan is the co-director of NewGround, a Muslim-Jewish partnership for change which engages diverse groups of Muslims and Jews in an innovative community building process. Aziza was a recent guest on NPR's Speaking of Faith hosted by Krista Tippet.
• The program is entitled Curiosity Over Assumptions: Interreligiosity Meets a New Generation.
o click here to listen to the broadcast
o click here to download the broadcast
o click here for a full transcript
Spring 2010 edition of KIPCOR News

KIPCOR endeavors to strengthen conflict resolution and peacebuilding capacities in the communities and institutions it serves. KIPCOR encourages research, education, skill development and dialogue to enhance the understanding and practice of managing conflict, and to prepare individuals and groups to be peacemakers in an evolving, complex and often troubled world. Welcoming participation by people of all backgrounds and religious traditions, KIPCOR and its programs are rooted in Anabaptist/Christian values of reconciliation, service, appreciation of diversity, personal transformation and integrity, and nonviolence and peacebuilding within the context of social justice.

Kansas Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution
2515 College Avenue / P.O. Box 276
North Newton, KS 67117-0276
(316) 284-5217
(316) 284-5379 (fax)

Here is an article on last years MOJO winning colleges.

September/October 2009 Issue
MoJo Mini College Guide

Ten cool schools that will blow your mind, not your budget.
— By Kiera Butler

[For the rest of MoJo's Mini College Guide, read 6 Cutting Edge Jobs, 8 Unusual Scholarships, and Give 'Em Hellraisers.]
$39,000 a year. That's the going rate for tuition at hot liberal arts colleges like Williams and Amherst, which came in first and second respectively in U.S. News & World Report's best liberal arts colleges rankings. The 10 schools on our list may not bother to juke their stats to make U.S. News' short lists, but they still have plenty to offer—and for a lot less dough. Know of a college that¹s both cool and cost-efficient? Nominate it here for the 2010 MoJo Mini College Guide.
Berea College (Kentucky)
Best value for: Low-impact men (and women) on campus
Tuition: $0
All 1,549 students get free tuition for four years. Some live in the Ecovillage, environmentally friendly housing that features a "permaculture food forest" and a contraption that makes sewage so clean you can swim in it.
New College of Florida (Sarasota)
Best value for: Brainy beach bums
Tuition: $26,300/$4,700 in state
The Sarah Lawrence of the South favors tutorials and evaluations over giant lectures and letter grades. In the past 14 years, it's cranked out more Fulbright Scholars per student than Harvard, Stanford, or Yale..
Hope College (Holland, Michigan)
Best value for: Artists with a spiritual side
Tuition: $25,500
This creative Christian college is known for its dance, theater, art, music, and visiting writers programs. Indie rocker Sufjan Stevens is an alum.
Fisk University (Nashville, Tennessee)
Best value for: Band-camp alums
Tuition: $15,900
Harmony is big at this historically black college, which gives class credit to singers and musicians. It also offers financial and academic support to 200 first-generation college students.
The University of Minnesota-Morris
Best value for: Alt-energy enthusiasts
Tuition: $8,830
This public liberal arts college has academic chops and green-energy cred: By 2010, it expects to go carbon neutral with help from an on-site wind turbine, which already produces 60 percent of the power on campus.
Kettering University (Flint, Michigan)
Best value for: Post-GM auto geeks
Tuition: $27,584 (first year)
This top engineering school offers a four-year professional co-op where students alternate semesters in class and on the job—earning as much as $26 an hour. Plus, you can minor in Fuel Cells and Hybrid Technology.
The College of New Jersey (Ewing)
Best value for: Community-service junkies
Tuition: $16,825/$8,718 in state
Students at this small public college can make a four-year commitment to participate in service projects in return for a scholarship that covers up to full tuition. And they swear that the annual LollaNoBooza bash isn't totally lame.
California State University-Monterey Bay (Seaside)
Best value for: Surf addicts
Tuition: $3,845 + $339 per unit
The nearby Monterey Bay serves as the classroom for the school's popular Environmental Science, Technology & Policy major.
Warren Wilson College (Asheville, North Carolina)
Best value for: Mountain mamas and nature boys
Tuition: $22,666
Environmental Studies is a popular major, and the Blue Ridge Mountain campus allows easy access to outdoor adventures. All students work on campus, keeping room and board bills low.
University of Kansas (Lawrence)
Best value for: Heartland hellraisers
Tuition: $19,328/$7,359 in state
A small but mighty activist community called Delta Force fights tuition hikes and sponsors student government candidates. Plus, KU hands out more than $25 million in student aid every year.
Kiera Butler is an associate editor at Mother Jones.



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