Thursday, February 25, 2010


I don't like to do fundraising, but since the HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY USES your money to pay to lobby Congress, I have agreed to share this letter.

Dear Kevin,

Right now President Obama and a bi-partisan group of Congressional leaders are in a high stakes nationally televised meeting on healthcare reform. This summit is President Obama's attempt to jumpstart health reform that is stalled in Congress.

We're outraged that in the last year health insurance companies earned 56% more in profits and covered 2.7 million fewer people.[1] And, healthcare insurance rate hikes of up to 39 percent are now happening across the country![2]

It's time for American families to come together to state the obvious. Congress represents us, the families of America, not insurance companies. They must take action to pass health reform now before more families lose their access to healthcare and are priced out of getting the care they need.

The days following the summit will make or break healthcare reform. . . .

What's the plan? MomsRising members will work in unison with other national organizations to amplify the drumbeat of emails and calls to Congress in the coming weeks, reminding them that America's families need reform now.

We're already off to an amazing start. Just yesterday people across America sent over a MILLION messages to Congress telling them to get down to business and pass real healthcare reform. In the next few days we'll build on this momentum by circulating a massive nationwide petition that calls on Congress to stand up for families, not health insurance lobbyists, and get healthcare reform done. And we'll make sure Congress can't ignore us by donning our MomsRising supermom t-shirts and personally delivering these petitions.


Congress needs to hear that we can't wait any longer. We need healthcare reform now. No excuses. No more politics. It's time to get it done.

But we need your help. This campaign for healthcare reform has taken longer than we had hoped and we can't keep up the fight without your continued support. Can you help out now . . . .?

Now is the time to give it all we've got. We are so close to finally passing real healthcare reform which stops unfair insurance practices that deny people coverage who have pre-existing conditions and raises rates or drops people just when they get sick. We have fought too hard and too long to let the insurance companies win another battle and continue to line their pockets at the expense of America's families and our children's health. Help push this win over the finish line. We may not have another chance like this for many years to come.

Thank you for the heroism you show every day!

--Donna, Ashley, Anita, Julia, Molly, Ariana, Kristin, and the MomsRising Team





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