Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Dear MCC or HOPE Worldwide, what can be done for Palawan?


I am a newlywed. My wife is from Palawan--a largely underdeveloped island in the Philippines, very near Malaysia.

Last month, I traveled to the Philippines for the first time and my wife and I bought a small piece of property (45 feet from where her brother lives and also has property).

The location, Port Barton (in San Vicente region) knows practically no agriculture or other international developmentalists. Moreover. the location of Palawan (i.e. far from the capital, Manila) has left this part of the country with bad infrastructure.

However, the potential for human development is immense in this point in history for the Port Barton and San Vicente region as the local roads are being improved or extended.

By this, I mean that the people work hard but have had little training and education above their own energies to learn. Many adults my age (47) in Palawan have only a grade school education and little technical or professional training.

Moreover, access to things, like solar power and regular electricity per day is not on hand--but I feel it could be.

What resources are there in Palawan? How can I help my relatives and Palawan develop?

What suggestions? links or connections do you know of? Who might already be active in or near Palawan in development whom you trust?

Recall also that Palawan was also the seen of Islamic radical and government fighting. So, peacemakers are needed here, too.


Kevin Stoda



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