Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Is there anything Big Coal won't do?

I received this message from CREDO. Everyone! Go to the link and write the Attorney General a message now, OK??

Is there anything Big Coal won't do?

Maybe not. We can add identity theft to the list of what their paid minions have already done.

In the aftermath of the House's incredibly close vote on global warming legislation, one member of Congress — Tom Pierello of Virginia — has revealed that he received forged letters from local nonprofit groups — the NAACP and Creciendo Juntos — trying to convince him that a vote FOR the legislation would hurt poor people, minorities, and the economy.

These fraudulent letters were sent to Mr. Pierello by Bonner & Associates, a well known Washington lobbying firm with a very troubled history of phony grassroots pressure on behalf of special interests like cigarette companies, drug companies, and coal companies.

How many other members of Congress were misled by forged letters? Were votes changed? There is only one way to find out. Will you tell Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate and prosecute these blatantly fraudulent and illegal acts?

With billions of dollars of profits, not to mention the health of the environment, at stake, this kind of reprehensible behavior needs to be stopped.

Here is a sample letter to the USA Attorney General:

"Dear Attorney General Eric Holder,

I write to urge you to investigate Bonner and Associates and their clients for producing and delivering fraudulent letters to Representative Tom Piriello and possibly other members of Congress. This activity degrades our democracy and violates our laws, and those responsible must be identified and brought to justice.

These letters were manufactured to derail critical legislation on behalf of massive corporations that already spend millions in lobbying against sensible environmental regulations. This is identity theft of a very dangerous sort. Absent a vigorous response by the Justice Department, this fraud will undoubtedly continue and expand. I urge you to aggressively investigate these activities."

GET to work, AMERICA!!!



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