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Well, all across the great American country—but not in Kansas currently—citizens are voting to throw the bums out—including many bums who are more int


By Kevin A. Stoda, Kansan in exile in Kuwait

Yesterday, I was talking with a British national who advocates America go completely to a paper ballot and have a separate ballot for each office.

This British ex-pat, living and working with me here in Kuwait strikes me as a conservative Social Studies instructor. He has also worked as a paid-election or governmental election official in his own country.

This Brit shares that if the “X” is in the center of a square box, then the vote counts. (Naturally, if someone votes for two candidates, that is a “no go”! The vote will be set aside.)

I was surprised by his statement and quickly recalled, “Back in Kansas when I first was introduced to voting decades ago—even in small towns--, votes were thrown out if voters didn’t keep their “X” within the lines or if they colored in the box where an X was needed—or visa versa.”

Similarly, even as recently as the 2004 elections in Montgomery County in Kansas, many votes also went challenged by Republicans overseeing the elections—these votes were subsequently counted only part of the time.


One of the problems in America (and Kansas, of course) is that election day finds to many unpaid volunteers running the show—rather than many paid peoples who can be arrested for fraud or manipulation of their office. This is not the case in Europe where I have also lived for 5 years.

I hope in November 2008such bad election procedures WILL have been wiped out in Kansas since the 1980s. On the other hand, I prefer the German and French system.

In these European elections (where there are many more voters than in the US elections), every voter is given (or offered) multiple colored ballots, and one simply keeps the colored ballot one wants to vote for—and sticks the other ballots in the trashcan, or keeps them in his or her pocket or purse.

One still votes in privacy of a booth and without an expensive electronic machine.

The colored ballot of the party or candidate is then placed into the container to be counted later. In Europe, the counting is usually down within an hour of voting being stopped.

In short, instead of technological fixes—like electronic voting, chads, etc.--, Kansans need to consider demanding more money for elections and more-hired officials or paid volunteers to run better election counting.

Coming from many historically Republican counties in Kansas, I have marveled and been saddened for decades at the status-quo and how it kept control of the system by throwing out an average of 20% of the ballots each year.

This has, naturally, disillusioned local voters—i.e. young and old for generations.


In this election, I ask all Kansans—especially disenfranchised voters to come in and overwhelm the system this November 4, 2008. THIS IS the only way to guarantee reform.

I was your first Republican presidential candidate in 2008 to call for direct financial home-owners hurting under the housing crisis. I stated this need long before Pat Roberts and others voted to give away (or allow the stealing of 800 billion dollars) of your taxes to wealthy bankers who have taken your loans out of state.

I also continue to question this overemphasis on Wall Street while expensive and often unlimited wars are fought in our name—and while people with medical problems, etc. are losing their homes—with no bailout for them in sight.

Now, I am supporting all Republicans (and others in Kansas) to continue to shake up the USA and local election system on November 4.

No more robbing from the prairie to pay for badly run banks in NYC and elsewhere when we could use loans and developments in the Midwest Heartland!!!!!


The task at hand in the next 4 days is to get as many people to vote Democrat and alternative parties across the board over the next few days.


Well, all across the great American country—but not in Kansas currently—citizens are voting to throw the bums out—including many bums who are more interested in WALL STREET and their oil buddies than they are in promoting Middle American and Main Street needs.

Here is the logic for both Republicans and others to vote progressive and shake things up on Tuesday.

Currently, pollsters show, for example McCain and Senator Roberts winning their elections in Kansas by 10 to 20 % of the vote.

However, if Kansans can significantly cut into that Kansas poorly distributed election pie by voting and persuading neighbors to vote for alternatives, WE CAN HAVE A BIGGER SAY in what is happening in Washington that effects us starting in 2009!!

What is very sweet is that Kansas voters won’t actually have to overcome the whole 10 to 20% lead of the old-school McCain and Roberts crowd.

That is, if in a period of only four days we can change the vote totals and percentages by 5 % the nation will take notice—as will the Republicans who are left in Washington come 2009. Pat Roberts, our failing Senator, will have also have to begin to serve us all—not just the most wealthy in Kansas.

We can truly honor American veterans

for example by cutting expenses on the military and promoting alternative energy in Kansas.

Currently, we have in these two Republicans (Roberts and McCain)—a pro-W. Bush biased Senator and a presidential wannabe—who are both likely to leave Kansas out of major decisions in 2009-2013 as the progressive OUTCRY at the robbery in banking, known as bail-outs, has fully shaken up the American political landscape.

Otherwise, come 2009, with a 10 to 20% lead in Kansas, Roberts and McCain will continue to be more concerned with their main donor base and less with the common folk in Kansas who are effected adversely by the 40 year crisis of devaluing American social, agricultural, and industrial infrastructure.

Kansas needs a Progressive turn on November 4, 2008—otherwise we will continue to be ignored in a more progressive Congress. A swing to progressive side by voting for the alternative to the status quo will shake up the system—even if progressives only get out 5% more vote on Tuesday than currently predicted.


Remember what Woodrow Wilson told us Kansans long ago. Let’s read and listen—and vote accordingly in 2008:



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