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Mugabe or Bush? Who should leave rather than lead?

Mugabe or Bush? Who should leave rather than lead?

By Kevin Stoda, on-the-road in India

Here in India, the headline editorial in many papers and magazines is the Thomas L. Friedman piece from last week entitled, “Mr. Bush, Lead or Leave”. (See the original from NY TIMES at:

In that piece, Friedman holds nothing back and appears to almost totally jumped into the Impeach Bush-Cheney camp by the title alone. He paints George W. Bush as Addict-In-Chief when it comes to promoting America dependence on fossil fuels instead of supporting the H.R. 6049 — “The Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act of 2008”, before it lapses at the end of this year:

Friedman state’s clearly, “It’s as if our addict-in-chief is saying to us: ‘C’mon guys, you know you want a little more of the good stuff. One more hit, baby. Just one more toke on the ole oil pipe. I promise, next year, we’ll all go straight. I’ll even put a wind turbine on my presidential library. But for now, give me one more pop from that drill, please, baby. Just one more transfusion of that sweet offshore crude.’”

Other words which Friedman aptly puts into George W. Bush’s mouth include, “Oil is poisoning our climate and our geopolitics, and here is how we’re going to break our addiction: We’re going to set a floor price of $4.50 a gallon for gasoline and $100 a barrel for oil. And that floor price is going to trigger massive investments in renewable energy — particularly wind, solar panels and solar thermal. And we’re also going to go on a crash program to dramatically increase energy efficiency, to drive conservation to a whole new level and to build more nuclear power. And I want every Democrat and every Republican to join me in this endeavor.”

In another of his personal epiphanies, Friedman makes it clear: “It is hard for me to find the words to express what a massive, fraudulent, pathetic excuse for an energy policy this is. But it gets better. The president actually had the gall to set a deadline for this drug deal.”

To top it off, Friedman points out, George W. Bush and John McCain have even helped stopped the passage of good legislation six times on this very issue in the last couple of years.

Meanwhile as Robert Mugabe reelects himself president for life in Zimbabwe
, it is time for Americans demand that Bush leave now—even if Congress won’t do its job, threaten to take Bush to Den Haag.

Do we, Americans in 2008 wish to go down in history as the lame-duck-citizens who left the Worst President in history in charge by the end of his term and his finger on the trigger of Nuclear Weapons.
Forget the fact that his war in Iraq has increased oil prices by 6 Trillion dollars on its own. (See: )

Some Indian newspapers have also recently noted that the 6 GCC states, primarily oil exporting states and all situated in the Persian Gulf, have now soaked up 95 trillion dollars in the last few decades. Hummmmm, let us see how many houses could have been fitted with wind, solar or other alternative renewable energy sources!

At least, Dictator-for-Life Mugabe hasn’t increased the price of petroleum and increase poppy field production in Afghanistan, i.e. by freeing opium warlords. (See: )


When I arrived in India earlier this month, I was met at the Mumbai Domestic Airport with a headlining story pasted on the advertising billboards of several of the news kiosks. It showed a picture of George W. Bush woofing down a humongous bowl of Tex-Mex been, beef, guacamole and cheese nachos. Below it was a quote from Bush on his recent romp to India, he blamed India for the world’s food shortage:

Just because Americans have put up with Bush so long does not mean we have to have this man in the White House another day making more mischief and War Crimes.

I think we, Americans and global citizens around the globe, would all stand up and applaud if Bush and his side-kick Cheney just went into exile in one of those rich Gulf states, like Michael Jackson did a few years back.

At least, we could start cleaning up his mess in 2008 and not wait to see what January 21, 2009 brings.


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