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SUMMER CAMPS? Pinocchio’s Perils, Camps for Kids, Movies, Real Life, NAZIs, Jihad Recruiters, and Ideological Training Tools Today

SUMMER CAMPS? Pinocchio’s Perils, Camps for Kids, Movies, Real Life, NAZIs, Jihad Recruiters, and Ideological Training Tools Today

By Kevin Stoda, Germany

I was watching the film SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE (2008) when I was disturbed to witness a scene that reminded me of my childhood horror when watching Walt Disney’s PINOCCHIO for the first time.

In the classic cartoon of PINOCCHIO (1940)--if you recall--, there is a scene in which Pinocchio and many other run-away or street boys have been hoodwinked into become the victims of a child exploitation ring. Those boys and Pinocchio are eventually morphed into become donkeys (or jackasses).

Imagine what went through the mind of this 5 year old viewer who could imagine such a thing actually happening!

In SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE, there is a similarly horrific scene when street children in India are herded out of the horrid garbage dumps where they live and into a sort of camp for orphaned and abandoned children in a beautiful secluded forest in India.

As in the Pinocchio tale, these children were turned into stooges and victims of street gangs who taught them to beg, steal and manipulate others for profit.

In this Indian camp, the children too are fattened up to become manipulated as Indian slaves and worse. For example, some of the children are sacrificed for their body parts.

During the viewing of the SLUM DOG film, as one character has his eyes plucked out, h, I both recoiled and recalled scenes from the classic Eastern European novel, THE PAINTED BIRD, by Jerzy Kozinski.

NOTE: Poor Kozinski almost got knocked-off by the Helter Skelter crowd of Charles Manson followers, i.e. as Jerzy Kozinski was a friend of the Tates back in 1969.

That classic story by Kozinski takes place in Poland during the Nazi occupation 1939-1945.

In this somewhat autobiographical tale, the author tells what it was like for a young Jewish boy to be on the run for 6 years under the Nazi regime and in a society where racism was raved about with a passion.

In this period, as one sees in many of the survivors tales of the early 1940s I Poland, the run-away boys were helped by some—but persecuted by many.

Poking an eye out was also part of this story.


What am I getting at?

Well, real life seems to be trying to trump film and fiction again.

This very week in Germany both the federal government’s home ministry and Germany’s constitutional court banned the right extremist group, Heimattreue Deutsche Jugend (HDJ) or HOME-TRUE GERMAN YOUTH and its many summer camps for youth.

The HDJ has been training or schooling German youth in racist ideology for several years at various camps—mostly in Eastern Germany. In these camps, “fragile egg shell minds” of German youth were educated to see foreigners and Jews as a threat to the entire German community.,1518,616499,00.html

Importantly, the HDJ has often worked in conjunction with other German right wing and neo-Nazi groups, like the Republikaner, over the past decade.

Beginning on October 8, 2008, the German government had undertaken arrests and house searches of the HDJ’s leadership

By a few groups, the German government has been praised for taking this action while many other parties criticize the Great Coalition government in Germany of acting far too slowly to stop the spread of the HDJ and its spread of Neo-Nazi venom, ideology, and hate.

It is certainly horrific that in all places, i.e. Germany, that such a series of camps could be held for year-in-and-year out.

Nonetheless, such camps are also often too far prevalent amongst various religious and rightwing extremist groups around the globe.


One only has to look at American’s Jim Jone’s People’s Temple camps, and don’t forget to mention the David Koresh’s or the Ku-Klux-Klan and Ruby Ridge types.

NOTE: There are many rumors on the net that the Klan is running military camps and weight-loss camps for youth in various U.S. states.

In Saudi Arabia, for decades camps were specifically held to recruit jihadists, some of these campers became of high stature, such as Osama bin Laden. These Saudis were trained to hate the foreigners in their Holy Land of Arabia (a la Saudia).

Later, the Taliban and other extremists did the same in Peshawar, Pakistan as well as in other corners of the globe, like Yemen, recruitment through food and camps was quite beneficial in radicalizing youth.

Similarly, radical Hindus have been running similar recruitment programs and can thus call out a riot at almost anytime in the streets of some city in India.

By the way, this brings my story almost full circle.

In SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE, there is a scene where Hindu extremists attack innocent Muslims. The mother of the main character, a Muslim, is beaten to death by these radicalized Hindus.

This scene also plays an important role in this film, too.

In summary, SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE is not just a film with a happy ending. It holds a mirror to the history of our own nightmares—past and present.

Meanwhile I encourage you all to teach your youth to think critically.

Moreover, if your children, however, come back from camps intolerant, go out and do something to stop those camps


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